Four Things To Consider When Renting A Piece Of Construction Equipment

If you need to do major lawn work in your yard, having the right equipment to do the job is important. Purchasing large pieces of construction equipment can be quite expensive. Fortunately, there are smaller versions of the equipment that you can rent that are great for use doing smaller, home improvement jobs. The guide below walks you through a few things to know about renting a piece of heavy equipment to use at your home.

Consider How Long You Need the Equipment

The first thing you need to do is consider how long you will need the equipment. If you are only doing a small job, you may only want to rent it for a few hours. If you are attempting to accomplish a larger job, renting the equipment for a few days may be a cheaper option for you.

Consider Investing in the Optional Insurance for the Equipment

When you rent the equipment, the rental company will offer you the ability to purchase insurance to cover any damage that may be done to the equipment when it is in your possession. No matter how careful you are with the equipment, something could always go wrong while the equipment is in your possession so investing in the insurance is your best option.

Consider How You Will Transport the Equipment

When you rent a piece of equipment, it will be your responsibility to haul the equipment to and from the rental office. Find out how much the piece of equipment weighs, how wide it is, and how long it is before going to the rental shop. This allows you to bring a trailer along with you that can support the weight and size of the equipment with ease. Bring ramps with you to ensure that you can easily get the equipment onto the trailer.

Consider Where You Will Store the Equipment

When you have the equipment in your possession for days on end, you want to be sure that you have somewhere secure to store it. You do not want someone to be able to vandalize it and be sure to keep the keys on you at all times so that someone does not steal it.

Be sure to clean the equipment as well as you can before you take it back to the rental office. Some rental companies charge you a fee if they have to clean the equipment themselves. Simply spraying the equipment off with a hose is often enough cleaning.