The Truth Behind Three Common Rigging Myths

Rigging is one of the most effective methods for moving heavy machinery. Unfortunately, many new investors in manufacturing facilities and other heavy equipment find themselves overwhelmed with the many misconceptions and myths about this method of moving, which results in confusion about not only the process, but the success of the move as well.

Here's a look at a couple of common myths that you may have heard and the truth you should know before you start moving that new equipment:

Myth: Rigging Services Are All the Same – Look for the Lowest Bidder

This is a myth that leaves many new machinery owners facing damaged equipment in the end. To the untrained eye, every rigging method can look the same, but it is a complex, dynamic process that must be adapted to each machine individually. This misunderstanding about how the process works has led some to believe that they should just look to the lowest bidder for their moving services. The truth is, the lowest bidder isn't always the best bet. Rigging companies can have many differences that should be considered to ensure a safe and effective move.

Consider not only the job quote, but also the reputation of each company. Ask about what types of rigging services they can offer and what size and weight capacities they've safely handled in the past. This information allows you to evaluate the movers based on ability more than price. After all, the goal is to get your machinery moved safely and properly.

Myth: Rigging Companies Don't Offer Planning Support

Don't fall victim to the misconception that riggers only offer the physical moving services and no planning or guidance support. This kind of misconception can lead to logistical struggles when you're trying to plan out the move, because you don't have the expertise and understanding that riggers do about the process. Ask the rigging company for a moving consultant who can help you to plan things out based on the most practical options for your facility.

Myth: Riggers Are Only Interested in Large-Scale Projects, Not Smaller Moves

Although the most common calls for riggers typically involve relocating entire manufacturing floors or other large volumes of machinery, that doesn't mean that's all they do. The truth is, even if you're just moving one piece of equipment off your production floor, riggers can help you do that. It's best to work with professionals like these any time you're moving machinery, because it's safer than trying to do it on your own.

Now that you're familiar with three of the common myths about heavy machinery moving services, you'll be better prepared to work with a rigging company to tackle that equipment move that's waiting for your attention.