Start A Commercial Plowing Business: What You Need

If you're looking to start a snow removal business and you want to do commercial properties, you're going to need to the right equipment. Not only will you need to have a plow large enough to do a large parking lot quickly, but you need to be able to move the snow that you plow around.

There is a lot of money to be made in commercial snow removal, and you have to know how to get the clients. Most commercial property owners will require you to sign a contract, so make sure you have the staff to do a job before you take any. To start your business, here are a few things you'll need.


You'll have to create either a flyer or a post card with your snow removal information on it to pass out to local businesses. A small website or social media page is also beneficial for people to get information. Hand the flyers out and stop and talk to local businesses, to find out when you can bid for the work. Most commercial property owners take bids, and go with the lowest provider.


A heavy duty truck that can support the largest size plow will be beneficial, and some people even use bull dozers or bobcats. If you want to get more equipment without having to spend a lot of money, look for used heavy machinery equipment for sale, to get the machinery second hand. Since you're only using it during the winter you should be able to maintain it use it for what you need without needing a new model.


You need to purchase salt before the season starts to make sure you will have enough to last you for the winter. Along with plowing, most commercial property owners will require you to put salt down every time there is freezing rain or snow. You will need salt for the parking lots and sidewalks, and you'll need a salt spreader to make the work easier.

If you are considering getting into the commercial plowing business and you are concerned about getting started, try to get in with small business owners to begin. Start to get familiar with plowing small business parking lots when you start. Businesses like small banks, gas stations or other business and working your way up to large department stores is going to be the best way to train.

To learn more, contact a company that deals in used heavy construction equipment for sale.