Basic Safety Tips For Working With Air Compressors For Construction Workers

If you own a construction company and bring a high-quality air compressor to your job sites, you need to make sure that all your construction workers know how to use and behave safely around the air compressor. Even if only a few specific employees will be using the equipment, you should still train everyone on your crew how to use the equipment in a safe manner.

#1 Always Wear Proper Safety Equipment

The first thing your employees need to know is what type of safety equipment they need to wear if they operate the air compressor or are near the air compressor when it is running. 

The air compressor releases air with a lot of force, and can stir up dirt in the area when it is used and can turn a loose nail into a projectile, which is why it is vital that all your employees wear protective eyewear when they are using or in the vicinity of an air compressor that is in use. 

Additionally, air compressors tend to be really loud, which is why your employees should also put on protective hearing gear when around or operating an air compressor. 

#2 Don't Operate In Wet Areas

The second thing you need to stress is that a compressor is should only be operated in dry areas and should be stored somewhere dry as well. Wet work areas can lead to a wide variety of problems with your air compressor.

To start with, operating near water can lead to electrocution. Water can also damage the electrical circuits inside of your air compressor. Additionally, prolonged exposure to wetness can cause the tools and the tank to become rusted and damaged.

#3 Make Sure The Outlet Is Grounded

Third, when plugging in an air compressor, it is vital that the electrical circuit is properly grounded. If the outlet is not properly grounded, the electrical panel inside of the compressor could easily become damaged. Using an ungrounded electrical circuit also increases the chances of a fire occurring.

#4 Check All Hoses Before Starting The Machine

Fourth, your employees should be sure to check all the hose fittings before turning on the machine each time. If the fitting is loose and comes undone when in use, it can hurt those nearby and cause damage to the machine. Additionally, loose fittings will cause the air compressor to not work properly. 

#5 Make Sure The Trigger Is Off

Fifth, when working with an air compressor and using the tool function, you should always make sure that it is not pulled in the onward position when turning on the machine. Your employees should also make sure that they never point any tools they are using with the air compressor towards themselves. This could cause serious injury. 

#6 Perform All Maintenance When The Machine Is Off

Finally, make sure your employees know that all maintenance tasks related to the air compressor should be performed when it is turned off to prevent injuries. That includes simple tasks like fixing a loose hose, and more complex tasks like adding oil or refueling. All of these tasks should be completed when the machine is off, even if they are completed by a compressor service company.

Even if you only intend to have a few employees in your construction company use the air compressor, make sure that all the employees on the job site understand how the safety precautions they should take around the air compressor. This will help keep everyone on your job site safe.