Do You Run A Crew On A Natural Gas Pipe Line? Check These Tips For Designing Your Customized Service Truck

If you are considering the purchase of new service trucks for your natural gas pipeline crew, you should know that you can design a service body that will be best suited to your crew's needs while on the pipe line. Your service trucks will need to have space for carrying a variety of tools and materials. Follow these tips for planning a customized service body that will work great for pipe line crews.

Compartments For Specific Tools

Some tools your crew uses every day need to be on a service truck so if a worker needs a replacement, it is available. This can be especially important for tools needed for fusing pipe. The compartments you have on your service truck need to be on top so it is harder for dust and debris to get into them. Pipe fusing cannot be successful if dirt or debris gets into the bonding materials. If traces of dust and debris are on fusing equipment, it can easily mix into the bonding material. For this reason, making sure your customized service bodies have specific compartments up high is essential.

Room For Odd-Shaped Materials And Tools

Trucks designed to service a crew on a natural gas pipeline need to have plenty of room for materials like pipe and tools like ladders for going into the hole for fusing. In addition to these kinds of materials and tools, you will need to have room for carrying a portable generator and fuel and water tanks. Placing these items in the bed of a service truck between compartments is the best way to go. When your crew is stringing pipe, your service trucks will need to have room to carry pipes that are damaged. Remember to add tie-downs to your service truck bed design for keeping pipes in place during transport.

Tools For Tractors And Company Trucks

When it comes to a tractor breaking down on the pipe line, getting it back on the line is imperative because as long as it is down, you are losing money. Making sure your service trucks have compartments for the tools needed to make tractor repairs is vital. Remember to add compartments especially for storing containers of fluids for hydraulics and brakes, air and oil filter replacements, and other parts that need to remain clean in packages. Adding locking compartments for new engine parts is also a good idea.

When your crew is in need of a service truck, you need to know the ones you have in your fleet are ready to go at all times. For more on this topic, contact a company like Koenig Body & Equipment Inc.