4 Types of Heavy Equipment Used in Mining

When it comes to gathering resources, mining is one of the most popular techniques for gathering resources. Both surface and underground mining require the extraction of the material, the material handling, and the material's processing into the finished product. Many different types of heavy equipment are used in the mining process.

Type #1: Wheel Tractor Scrapers

Wheel tractor scrapers have a bin on the outside that a driver inside of a cab controls. When the bin is lowered to the ground, it can scrape up material. When the bin is filled with material, a flap comes down to hold that material in place so that it can be transported. The bin can also tilt to allow for the dispensing of that material. Wheel tractor scrapers are often used for making cuts into land for a mine. They can also be used to build roads leading into a mine or to reclaim the land.

Type #2: Motor Graders

Second, motor graders are used to helping build roads around mines. Most mining locations are not built off government-funded and maintained roads. Most operations have to create and maintain their own roads. A motor grader is a machine that is used to move materials to make roads. A motor grader can also be used to grade roads to drain water properly away from them. It is essential for creating and maintaining roads that are essential for the mining process.

Type #3: Large Dozers

Third, you may need a large dozer for your mining operations. A large dozer with the proper attachment can serve many purposes. It can be to rake the land around a site. It can be used to reclaim the land around a site. It can be used to push dirt away from work areas. It can be used to help move away surface materials to get to the ground and the resources underneath them.

Type #4: Off-Highway Trucks

Fourth, you may need off-highway trucks, also known as mining trucks. These trucks are a little different from your typical pick-up truck. They generally have extra-large tires. Those large tires are made to support heavy loads that are moving over rough or unpredictable terrain. They can carry high payloads, making them great for hauling materials away from surface mines. Off-highway trucks are designed to perform in challenging conditions, and they can haul items up steep slopes at high altitudes.

A wide array of equipment is necessary for mining operations. As most mines are located in more remote areas, you will want to ensure you have spare parts on hand for all the heavy equipment you use, so if something goes wrong, you can quickly fix it on-site. To learn more, contact services like Mantra Enterprise LLC.