3 Reasons Your Construction Company Should Consider Renting A Crane, Even If You Already Have One

A construction crane — whether static or mobile — is one of the most indispensable tools at a construction site. Cranes are used every day to make the job of construction workers not just easier, but possible in the first place. While many construction companies may already own a crane, there are still plenty of great reasons to consider renting one for a future project. Take a look below to learn more about some of the biggest benefits. 

Cost Effectiveness

If you attempt to finish a complex, large-scale project with just one crane, you may quickly find your crew overwhelmed. Even in a best-case scenario, you may struggle to meet a deadline, or only do so over your set budget. Ironically, by spending money to rent one or more additional cranes, you can actually save money by the time the project is completed. Cranes help to move projects along at a quicker pace, meaning that you can be more productive when it matters most.

Included Personnel

One reason that some construction companies hesitate to consider renting a crane is that they are worried about not having the personnel to set up and maintain it. Fortunately, most crane rental services include (or provide the option to include) rigging personnel and operators in the price of the rental. This means that you do not have to worry about servicing the crane when it arrives or performing maintenance if something goes wrong. Issues of crane transportation and insurance are also handled by crane rental service companies.

Flexibility and Convenience

If you go through the steps to purchase another crane, then you will also have to take on all of the responsibilities that come with owning one. While having an additional crane for your crew to permanently utilize can have plenty of upsides, it can all be easily outweighed by the inconvenience of ownership. Renting a crane, on the other hand, means that you get to take advantage of the same benefits without any of the downsides: you can access any kind of crane you want at any time, and then return it when a project is complete. You do not have to worry about moving it to another site or storing it indefinitely, and you do not have to go through the process of contracting part-time operators.

Even if your company already has a crane or two at its disposal, it is wise to consider renting as well. Contact a crane rental service to learn more.