Do You Run A Crew On A Natural Gas Pipe Line? Check These Tips For Designing Your Customized Service Truck

If you are considering the purchase of new service trucks for your natural gas pipeline crew, you should know that you can design a service body that will be best suited to your crew's needs while on the pipe line. Your service trucks will need to have space for carrying a variety of tools and materials. Follow these tips for planning a customized service body that will work great for pipe line crews. Read More 

Four Things To Consider When Renting A Piece Of Construction Equipment

If you need to do major lawn work in your yard, having the right equipment to do the job is important. Purchasing large pieces of construction equipment can be quite expensive. Fortunately, there are smaller versions of the equipment that you can rent that are great for use doing smaller, home improvement jobs. The guide below walks you through a few things to know about renting a piece of heavy equipment to use at your home. Read More 

Basic Safety Tips For Working With Air Compressors For Construction Workers

If you own a construction company and bring a high-quality air compressor to your job sites, you need to make sure that all your construction workers know how to use and behave safely around the air compressor. Even if only a few specific employees will be using the equipment, you should still train everyone on your crew how to use the equipment in a safe manner. #1 Always Wear Proper Safety Equipment Read More 

Three Ways That Experienced Crane Operators Can Prevent A Nasty Accident

When you rent a crane, in most cases, you will also be hiring a crane operator to accompany it. Because cranes are huge, expensive pieces of machinery and can easily cause fatalities if involved in an accident, hiring a crane operator who has a lot of industry experience and is familiar with the type of job you are doing is vital. Most crane accidents are the result of inadequate worker training. Read More 

Plasma Arc Vs. Oxy-Fuel Torch For Cutting Steel

When fabricating steel, one of your primary concerns should be what tool to use for cutting. The two basic methods for cutting are the use of a plasma arc cutter or the use of an oxy-fuel torch. Choosing one, the other, or both for your shop will depend on the type of work that you typically do.  What Metals Do You Work with? Oxy-fuel torches will cut ferrous metals rapidly because the oxygen jet used in the cutting process will turn iron to slag which then runs out of the kerf, i. Read More